Chateau Des Granges

Some more photos from my French trip today. We arrived on the Saturday night and had a restful day on Sunday, only venturing out in the evening for dinner. The French are exceptionally good at salads and pasta dishes – check out the beasts below!
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On Monday we drove to Courcelles, Saint Jean D’Angely, to see friends of my parents who are now running a B&B at their French home. Their property is called Chateau Des Granges and it is absolutely stunning, the husband and wife team have done an incredible job.

They took on a big challenge – the property is very old and needed lots of work, if I remember correctly they said it was built in the late 1700s.

We were treated to melon and Pineau – a local dessert – after a very hearty meal.
Views of the four acres of land
Chateau Des Granges from the garden
I love this lamp!

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It would make a magical venue for a wedding. The bedrooms would fill up very quickly but there is so much space in the garden guests could easily camp! Definitely doable in the warm summer months.

We arrived back at our holiday home late that evening so this was the only day of the holiday that I didn’t swim.

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