Our Holiday Home In Lorignac, France

As you probably know last week I went on holiday. It was real down time – my phone was switched off and I did lots of simple things which included swimming, eating, drinking, sleeping, reading, walking and playing board games. I’m very pleased to be able to bring you some travel related blog posts too! Today I’m going to show you around the place we stayed. It was very beautiful, homely and clean.

The heated pool was a salt water pool, not chlorine – at first I was unsure what this would be like but I much preferred it to chlorine!

lorignac_france_holiday_home_gite_01 lorignac_france_holiday_home_gite_02 lorignac_france_holiday_home_gite_03 lorignac_france_holiday_home_gite_03 lorignac_france_holiday_home_gite_04 lorignac_france_holiday_home_gite_IMG_3775 lorignac_france_holiday_home_gite_IMG_3773 lorignac_france_holiday_home_gite_IMG_3772 lorignac_france_holiday_home_gite_IMG_3771 lorignac_france_holiday_home_gite_IMG_3769 lorignac_france_holiday_home_gite_IMG_3768 lorignac_france_holiday_home_gite_IMG_3767 lorignac_france_holiday_home_gite_IMG_3766 lorignac_france_holiday_home_gite_IMG_3765 lorignac_france_holiday_home_gite_IMG_3764 lorignac_france_holiday_home_gite_IMG_3763 lorignac_france_holiday_home_gite_IMG_3762 lorignac_france_holiday_home_gite_IMG_3760 lorignac_france_holiday_home_gite_IMG_3759 lorignac_france_holiday_home_gite_IMG_3758 lorignac_france_holiday_home_gite_IMG_3757 lorignac_france_holiday_home_gite_IMG_3756 lorignac_france_holiday_home_gite_IMG_3755 lorignac_france_holiday_home_gite_IMG_3754 lorignac_france_holiday_home_gite_IMG_3753 lorignac_france_holiday_home_gite_IMG_3752 lorignac_france_holiday_home_gite_IMG_3751 lorignac_france_holiday_home_gite_IMG_3818
lorignac_france_holiday_home_gite_IMG_3795It was a lovely place to stay for a week. The garden was beautifully maintained and a lot bigger than we realised, the beds were extremely comfortable and that bath tub was a dream! I treated myself to a bubble bath almost every day.

The kitchen was huge and we spent most evenings cooking meat in the oven and preparing salads and French bread on the rustic worktops, which we would then eat outside with the cricket soundtrack in the background. I swam around 30 lengths a day in the pool, which I think was about 10 metres in length.

The only slight downside to the location was finding places to eat. Rural French business owners seemed to have a very relaxed attitudes to opening times! Nevertheless we did always manage to find somewhere and weren’t far from the nearest supermarket.

Expect more photos from the trip later this week!

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