Aluna Bar, Birmingham

Last Saturday I went to Birmingham for some Pinterest training with Elizabeth at Rosalilium. Elizabeth is one of the most generous bloggers I know, she is constantly nurturing the blogger community and is always ready to share lots of useful and valuable knowledge with other bloggers, whether that’s through Blognix or elsewhere.

I’m a long time Pinterest-addict, I even took part it the Pin It Forward campaign back when Pinterest launched their UK website. I’m not going to share everything we learnt on Saturday, but if there is one golden nugget of information I can give you to always remember it’s this:

Pinterest is not a social media network, it is a search engine – a ‘visual discovery tool’. Where you would go to Google for a specific answer, you’d go to Pinterest for ideas and inspiration. Google = I know exactly what I want, Pinterest = I don’t know what I want and I need some help.

The workshop was held at Malmaison Birmingham, not far from which sits Aluna Bar overlooking the water, and once we were done with our hardcore-ish studying, we marched down for a drink and a chat. The reason I’m dedicating this post to Aluna Bar more than Pinterest is because they, quite frankly, went to town on the hospitality scale. We were very, very well looked after with bubbles, cocktails and nibbles and I’m incredibly grateful to the staff for their generosity.

Pinterest Training Day

Many thanks to Sabina from Girl Vs Globe for taking this picture!

I feel like I always say the same thing after a blogger event – it was the best time ever, it’s great to around my tribe, I wish I could spend more time with bloggers, I’m so glad I started a blog. And yeah, same thing last Saturday. I might sound like a broken record but that’s because it’s all true! Spending time around like-minded people who believe in and encourage your ideas is the best feeling.

I have a close friend called Rachel who is a committed skydiver, she’s extremely passionate about the sport and loves being around fellow skydivers.

I have another friend (also called Rachel) who is an artist, she lives to be around other artists and to bring out the inner artist in other people.

My housemate is a physiotherapist and a pilates instructor, it hasn’t taken me long to understand how incredibly passionate she is about physical fitness, good posture and core strength.

Rachel number one’s eyes light up whenever she talks about skydiving, Rachel number two’s eyes do the exact same when she talks about art, and I’ve noticed my housemate with the exact same eye twinkle when she talks about her physio and pilates work.

For me, it’s blogging, writing, learning about digital and being around other bloggers that does it.


The best thing about blogger events is no one cares if you’re constantly doing this!

IMG_3679 IMG_3680IMG_3685 IMG_3696 IMG_3698 IMG_3700 IMG_3702 IMG_3714
Aluna Bar was a real treat. The decor is detailed, elegant and luxurious. The perfect place to sit with a big group of friends and laugh until your cheeks hurt. I was quite sad to have to leave to be honest, it was the perfect temperature for sitting outside so I would have happily stayed to watch the evening arrive.

As someone who has worked in two cocktail bars for more than a year each time, I’m always a little cynical about cocktail demonstrations and marterclasses. I feel like they often ‘big up’ incredibly simple cocktails, making something unimpressive seem better than it actually is.

I didn’t feel that at Aluna Bar. They showed us how they create at least five or six different cocktails, talking through the process for each one. It was impressive and interesting – not a Woo Woo in sight!

IMG_3718 IMG_3721 IMG_3723 IMG_3724

As always (broken record again!), it was great to catch up with old faces and meet some new ones. I got to see the lovely Sabina from Girl Vs Globe again, another generous and down to earth all round good egg. That’s her above getting an artsy shot of one of the many, many delicious cocktails.

It really is crazy to think that five years ago I was sat in my bedroom browsing my Blogger feed and decided to just make a start on my own.¬†It can just be a hobby that I don’t tell anyone about, that’s what I thought to myself. It has literally impacted every single area of my life – friendship, self-esteem, confidence and well-being, even my professional skills and job. I wouldn’t be in the job that I’m in or on the career path that I’m on if I hadn’t started writing a blog. I certainly wouldn’t have written a short story collection either. It’s the best thing I ever decided to do!

Thank you Aluna Bar and Elizabeth for yet another brilliant experience.

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