A Weekend Away

I have had a very lovely weekend.

I spent it in Leeds with some of my old uni housemates, catching up and enjoying food and drink in the city centre.
After a hectic week it was just what I needed, plus it’s been well over six months since I last saw these girls. As always, it felt as though no time at all had passed.
I took my new travel bag with me, which I bought with a voucher gifted to me by shopping app Octer. Octer allows you to shop lots of different brands in one place, making shopping that bit easier. It was great to be able to invest in a good quality Eastpak bag. I love the feel of it and I like that it’s quite small in size – this is because I want to get better at packing light!
I’m planning a trip away by myself in October and look forward to taking this bag along with me. I’m far from deciding where I want to go – I’ve thought of Copenhagen, New York and Ibiza so far! Where would you suggest for a long weekend solo trip?

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