More moments from France

The remaining photos from my recent trip to France. Something I’ve always loved about the French is their indifference. This indifference seems to make them less inclined to give any attention to what other people think of them, or to pick up unnecessary worry and stress.

Based on my experience of them – people we’ve met on holiday, my mum’s French tutor, my ex-boyfriend, a French girl who once worked at my aunt’s restaurant – they’re very good at living in the moment.

Bordeaux_lorignac_cognac_france_travel_holiday_IMG_3841 Bordeaux_lorignac_cognac_france_travel_holiday_IMG_3840 Bordeaux_lorignac_cognac_france_travel_holiday_IMG_3839 Bordeaux_lorignac_cognac_france_travel_holiday_IMG_3838 Bordeaux_lorignac_cognac_france_travel_holiday_IMG_3856 Bordeaux_lorignac_cognac_france_travel_holiday_IMG_3861

I really enjoyed this holiday. It was so good to have some down time – time to live in the moment a little more.

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