The Monsal Trail, Peak District

On Sunday I cycled the Monsal Trail, which weirdly I’d never heard of before.

The Monsal Trail is an eight mile railway track that has been converted into a nice flat path, running through the Peaks between Buxton and Bakewell. Although, it doesn’t actually start at Buxton, it starts a few miles away from Buxton – so don’t turn up to Buxton with bikes expecting a short trundle to the start of the track like we almost did!

It was a lovely way to spend a Sunday, and didn’t take that long to cycle to Bakewell and back either – probably around two and a half hours in total.

As I eventually realised at the end of the day, the tunnels are named according to the sights that are nearby, so it’s worth stopping at the tunnels! Above and below is the Headstone viaduct, which leads you into a tunnel called Headstone Tunnel (see?). It was quite a steep climb, but worth it for the view, so I’d definitely recommend stopping off here.
We initially got the impression that Buxton was ‘alright’ (i.e. a bit rubbish), but thankfully our taxi driver recommended a place callde Buxton Tap House, which turned out to be a great little pub with a vast menu of craft beers and ales.
We spent a few more hours drinking and eating falafel before catching a train back to Manchester. A great day! I will definitely be doing the Monsal Trail again, only I might invest in some padded leggings because sitting down was quite painful the following day.

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  1. Ooh, this sounds lovely! I agree Buxton isn’t quite as pretty as you’d expect – went on a hen weekend there once, and the first pub we went in, asked what wines they had, and the response was “white or red”! 😀 We didn’t find this place though. I am awful at cycling – bruised coccyx from childhood has never quite allowed me to spend more than 10 minutes on one without being in agony – but this sounds like it might be a lovely walk too! xx

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