Friday Night

On Friday night I went to Fuel in Withington to see KITS play a gig and to meet Emily of Matter of Sound.

I’ve been following Emily’s YouTube channel for a couple of years now because I almost did some social media stuff for them when they first started up, but didn’t have the time. It’ll be possible now that I’m in Manchester though!

img_4066 img_4070 img_4073

Fuel is a very cute little place. The upstairs bit is where the gig was held, and downstairs is where food and drink are served. (Pro tip: if you ever come here and are a bit cold, sit directly opposite the big mirror pictured above against the wall – there’s a radiator there).

It was a great evening listening to KITS, below is one of my favourite songs. You can follow his new music label on Twitter here.

Now onto to Emily and Matter of Sound. The channel is music focussed but I think you’d find it interesting even if you’re not that clued up on music. Below are some of my favourite videos:

I’ve said this before quite recently but now that I’m past the first six month mark I feel like I’m becoming properly ‘settled’ here in Manchester. The same happened in Melbourne and in Sheffield. In Melbourne I didn’t want to count down to the second six month mark because that meant it was time to go home, and in Sheffield I didn’t even want to stay for another six whole months! I don’t know how long I’ll be in Manchester for but I’m sure it’ll be much longer than one year, it’s about time I stayed in one place for a bit.

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