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When I first moved to Manchester, work sent me to a conference in Hulme organised by Online Seller UK. At that event I became acquainted with the organiser on Twitter.

A few months later I ended up meeting him again when I went to one of his Google Analytics workshops (highly recommend these by the way, I learnt a lot of very useful stuff!). He asked me if I’d like to speak at one of his upcoming meetups, which are small scale networking events – mini-versions of the conference I’d attended initially.

I ignored the lump in my throat and said yes. I really want to get better at public speaking, and it’s no secret that I would really like to do a TED Talk one day. You have to start somewhere and start small!

Last week the date finally arrived and I spoke for about ten minutes on how I got into blogging and how it has impacted (i.e. become) my life, rounding up with a few reasons why it’s very good for business.


I used a picture of Leandra Medine as the backdrop, one of my long time blogging heroes, and even managed to work in a bit about Junkaholique too.Β It was a proud moment and not actually as scary as I anticipated – I will definitely be looking for more opportunities to do stuff like this.

What really pleased me was that people asked a lot of questions at the end; I think they found my story very interesting, so that’s good! You can learn more about the Online Seller UK meetups here, and thanks to my friend Jayson for taking these pictures so I could blog about it!

6 thoughts on “Talking About Blogging

  1. Congrats on your talk! I’m sure it went brilliantly. I’m pretty new to blogging but would love to get to the stage one day where I can advise others on it. Also, The Man Repeller is one of my absolute favourites and one of the reasons I started blogging. Great choice! x

  2. As a fella Mancunian I recognised some of the areas in your post. Huge well done for doing the talk. Very brave of you but great experience

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