The Real Story

I feel excited writing this, because I feel just like I did when I first discovered the Wheeler Centre in Melbourne.

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I’m a little gutted I only discovered that Manchester Literature Festival was happening a few days before it finished, but at least I managed to squeeze in one event. It was organised by The Real Story, which is a collective that celebrates and supports non fiction writers here in Manchester. This made my ears prick straight away, because my Kindle is non fiction.

It was held inside the International Anthony Burgess Foundation building, which is a stone’s throw from Oxford Road. The room filled up quickly and to kick off we listened to three different writers read their non fiction stories. I loved all of them. The first one, which was about a flooded town having to strip and hollow out all of the damaged properties, was very immersive. The second was about a folk gig, and it reminded me very much of my own writing style. The third was about the night a guy acquired a stalker, and had everyone laughing out loud.

After a short break, we then listened to a number of non fiction essays by Horatio Clare. I was blown away by Horatio’s writing, he is incredibly talented.

I really enjoyed this event, it’s given me a real boost of motivation for my own writing and also made me believe that I can and will get better at writing if I keep doing it. The Real Story have another event coming up in December so I’ll be keeping an eye on their website for that.

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