Women Leading – Sarah de Warren

YAY MORE AMAZING WOMEN! This is one of those posts where I bang on again about how much I love the internet and social media. I can’t even remember how I found Sarah de Warren, I just know it was on Instagram or Twitter. I got a good vibe off her, listened to some of her music and thought she was pretty cool.


Since I’m the ‘polite pest’ kind of social media follower, she eventually noticed me and followed me back on Insta and Twitter, and we’d interact occasionally.

Then in May I moved to Manchester with no idea that she actually lived here, and on Saturday I finally saw her live at Oxjam and got to meet her. Oh life.

I am, as always, really pleased to share this interview with you and I love how thoughtful and intentional Sarah’s answers are, just like her music! You can follow Sarah’s journey here and here.

How long have you been making music for?

I have been writing for 9 years now, but I was playing piano and singing for much longer before then. Almost my whole life. At 13 I discovered that I could write songs and I was totally absorbed. It became my evolving project, for life.

Tell us about one memorable gig from the last year.

A festival in the Lakes called Kendal Calling! It was amazing. I played with my producer and we have actually just launched our new duo called XTALK. Festivals are my favourite shows.

What advice would you give to other young women thinking about making music?

You have to accept that you will be treated differently, so be prepared, and although you should totally be yourself, try pushing some boundaries and evolve into a confident artist as soon as you have your vision. Then you will inspire men and women with your work. As a woman, I honour the emotional connection I can make with people, without even having met them. I know this is different from person to person, but I know a lot of ladies are wired up the same – my music is not for me or my ego, it belongs to everyone.
In the early days, people see you at gigs and you will look out of place among the sea of male musicians. Don’t feel self-conscious, let it empower you. Show them you are at home on that stage.
What do you think is the best way to introduce more discipline into one’s life?
Taking up new habits in order to drop old habits. As soon as you break your pattern by starting something new, other habits tend to fall out of place pretty quickly. Your body and brain learn that they are not stuck, things can change at any moment.
Also, just set aside some time every day to think. It sounds cliche, but with so many distractions around us we often forget to nurture our philosophical side. Think about your life, what you want and how to get it. I like doing this on the train. You will start to realise what you can lose, in order to gain more important things.

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