Cat Cafe Manchester

I love cats!

Those of you who have been following me on social since the Melbourne days will know that just after I left Melbourne, a cat cafe opened there. This was almost more heartbreaking than leaving such a great city and a French boyfriend behind was.

Whilst I’ve found no Frenchies here in Manchester, there is now a Cat Cafe. Get. In.

I arrived early (standard) and lingered in front the entrance, not letting myself walk around the corner where I would have seen the cats. Delayed gratification.

The Northern Quarter reminds me a little of Fitzroy

When Lima arrived we marched right in. There are about ten cats at the cafe and they all looked very well looked after to me. For £11.95 per person you get a hot drink and an hour of cat heaven.
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The reason I love cats so much is because I think they’re absolutely hilarious. They love people who hate cats, and hate people who love cats. They literally don’t give a sh*t what others around them are doing.

I found out recently that there are cat yoga classes here every week too – normal yoga, but amongst cats. What a GREAT idea!
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It was an hour well spent, and we dragged ourselves away very reluctantly at the end. There were a lot of facial expressions like this one:



I think the cat cafe is a great place to come if you want to be somewhere relaxing – cats are relaxing animals to be around most of the time I think. It’s also a great place to come if, like me, you bloody love cats.

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