Richmond Tea Rooms

Richmond Tea Rooms is a brilliant place to visit if your imagination is in need of a bit of TLC.

I came here last week after my Cat Cafe trip with Lima. I’ve heard a lot about it – it’s an Alice in Wonderland themed restaurant and bar, that also puts on drag shows. Amazing right?

I am all about nurturing your imagination. I think that if anything can be made immersive, it should be. It’s something I think the UK often falls short on – and that cities like Melbourne (talking about Melbourne again Fran? Not like you!) get 100% right. Our experiences directly affect how we behave and we approach our day to day lives. That’s why I believe that nurturing your imagination and giving it time to play, is key to maintaining an open mind and to generally being a decent and happy human being.

Anyway, all that aside, they also do GREAT finger sandwiches here! I had the Hatter’s Tea which costs about a tenner, and I definitely think you get your money’s worth for that. Here’s what it looks like inside:

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I enjoyed this place, really want to come back for a drag show! Another one to add to the ever-growing list!

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