Ziferblat, Edge Street

I’m writing this whilst actually in Ziferblat on Edge Street. A place I’ve been meaning to come to to for a while.

Here, you pay for your time rather than for your tea or coffee. It’s a great balance between cafe and coworker space, with the shared kitchen space creating lots of opportunities to get to know the people using the cafe with you.

I can see myself spending many a late evening here when my office eventually moves to the Northern Quarter. There’s something about being surrounded by background noise and people that makes it easier to focus!

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There are lots of cakes and biscuits on offer, as well as fruit and bread – you can even make yourself some toast. The idea is everyone clears up after themselves and pitches in to keep the place clear and pleasant. There are board games to play and lots of comfy, old chairs to sit in. I get the impression there’s a few Ziferblat regulars that come here – this is what makes it feel more coworker space than cafe.
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The perfect place for laptop club with friends!

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