Personal Style Diary #5

I am big fan of occasional flamboyance in my outfits, but I like simplicity too.

I recently picked up a very simple polka dot mid-length dress and even though it’s ever so slightly too small for me I can’t stop wearing it. Dresses like these are perfect for wearing with small bursts of colour and subtle details (such as the gold glittery socks I wore poking out the top of my boots the other day).

(Side note: that picture beside me is of a drag queen giving a very passionate lip sync performance of Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights at an immersive poetry night in Melbourne… I like to keep these kinds of memories alive!)

I found this dress by H&M in one of Chorlton’s many charity shops for a fiver (a fiver!), and I think it looks great paired with some of my yellow accessories. The necklace is from Dorothy Perkins I think, and the scarf is from the Makers Market here in Manchester.

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