The Refinery, Spinningfields

Last week I really lived up to my ‘social butterfly’ label – a lot of people have said this is what I am over the years.

The first time someone called me this was at University, and I felt a little hurt because I thought it meant they saw me as fickle. I’m anything but fickle! I’m interested in things and people, and I like to cast a wide social net because it’s fun.

One of the ‘butterfly’ things I did was attend the launch of a new restaurant in the Spinningfields, it’s called The Refinery and it is verrrry nice! In short, they put on a cracking do. Lots of canapes, lots of champagne and lots of very pretty media people and business owners.


That lampshade though

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Something I particularly liked about this place was that even though it was packed full of people, there was enough space for everyone. Bars in Manchester seem to fill up too quickly and become uncomfortably crowded – take Albert’s Schloss for example. I love it in there, but I don’t think I’ve ever been able to walk around without having to squeeze through crowds.

I had a great evening getting to know Lima better and we lost track of time so much that it was approaching midnight by the time we left! On a school night – unheard of for me these days!