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Rudy’s Pizza

A Mancunian legend, one I’ve heard a lot about since I moved here: Rudy’s Pizza.

Tonight, I finally experienced Italy right here in Manc-land. It’s in an area of Manchester called Ancoats, which is just next to the Northern Quarter and a little bit more grown up. There’s been a lot of regeneration in Ancoats and it’s been done to a high standard – whenever I visit I start imagining myself living there in my own little flat.

You can’t book tables at Rudy’s and it is renowned for getting very busy very quickly, so we planned ahead by getting there half an hour before it opened. I recommend doing this because it paid off – we were seated and served drinks immediately, and got seen to first when the clock hit pizza time at 5pm.

The venue is very simple and makeshift – in a good way. If it hadn’t been freezing outside, I would definitely have felt like I was actually in Italy.

We ordered some drinks and crisps to keep us going, then went straight in with a pizza each and a side to share. Our side was green, meat, cheese, bread and oil – the classic Mediterranean combo. This kind of food makes me think of sitting by the sea somewhere warm.

The pizzas were equally authentic and SO delicious. The best thing about mine was the basil – so many times I order pizza in a restaurant and can’t really taste the basil, but here it tasted fresh and strong! Definitely how the taste experience should be in my opinion.

We rounded up with two scoops of cinnamon-ey ice cream each and then sat there for a good fifteen minutes feeling blummin’ stuffed!

I want to take my friends and family to Rudy’s because it’s got a great atmosphere and definitely the best pizza I’ve had in a while. What made it even better, was the bill. Between two of us, we had two alcoholic drinks each, a bowl of crisps, a pizza each, a side to share and a dessert each, and the bill came to just under fifty quid.┬áMuch cheap. Plenty value.

As much as I do love some of the similar pizza places in South Manchester, you would literally pay double that amount for the same meal.

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