yukka plant in pot on balcony

What Divoc Is Going On?

It’s all very strange and stressful, so I am trying my best to keep good habits. I’ve been spending twenty minutes every morning doing a few yoga and pilates moves before starting work for the day, I’ve been doing my best to eat healthily (and give myself treats too) and I’ve been trying to accept that pretty much everything right now is out of my control.

Unfortunately I have no new photos right so I’m re-using this one of my yucca plant and I shall tell you for why! This yucca plant has grown so much since this photo. It’s a nice reminder that things are always changing. Either that or I’ve been in lockdown for too long.

That’s the funny thing really though; everything is always out of our control. I am in no more control right now than I was three months or even three years ago.

Anyway, I’ve had a bad day today. All of the uncertainty and fear has really gotten on top of me and I’ve felt a lot of sadness all day. So I decided to write a gratitude list, and then I thought, why not stick it on the ol’ blog.

Things I am grateful for right now:

  • My family. I’ve had daily video calls, messages, memes and a steady stream of updates on my four month old niece and it has all given me so much strength.
  • My neighbours. I’m only sorry I didn’t get to know them sooner! We’ve got a group WhatsApp thread now and are all pitching in to look out for and help each other.
  • Social media. I always knew social media would have its hey day. After many years of resolutely defending Twitter against ignorant criticism, I’m happy that, albeit under very difficult circumstances, people are finally getting to understand that social media can be a real force for good.
  • Technology. Imagine if the vast majority of us couldn’t work from home right now, if it just wasn’t possible? Thanks to technology, there is a real glimmer of hope for the economy right now.
  • Nice weather. After my pilates session and a couple of times throughout the day, I’ll take ten minutes to just stand on the balcony and soak up the sun. Really wouldn’t be anywhere near as relaxing if the weather was still doing what it did a few weeks ago.
  • Stardew Valley. I know that Animal Crossing is all the rage right now, but Stardew is the one for me. It is so relaxing and wholesome and nostalgic. Sometimes, and I’m not afraid to admit this, I just open the game and leave it on for the enjoyment of the background music.

I hope you’re all finding the inner strength and resilience needed to get through this fog of uncertainty, and I hope you’re all staying safe.

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