‘Brawl In the Bierhaus’ At Thousand Pound Bend

So wrestling isn’t something I’d normally follow or go to see live, but the sound of this event reminded me of Jack Black’s film Nacho Libre so expecting a lot of entertainment I decided to go along.  Thousand Pound Bend is a cafe in the CBD on Little Lonsdale and at the back is a warehouse space used for all sorts of events.  Markets, blogger networking…. and wrestling.  This event was hosted by Wrestleclash and was called ‘Brawl In The Bierhaus’, celebrating Oktoberfest.

Upon arrival the first three things I noticed were the ring, beer and sausages.  They’d gone all out, there was ‘authentic’ German music playing and the commentator looked like a member of the Von Trap family.

We lined our stomachs with onion and mustard smothered sausages and waited for the match to start.  Or I should say show to start, because it was like watching a play.  From start to finish everyone was in hysterics with the occasional ‘oooh’ and ‘aaah’ at the more impressive moves from the wrestlers.  It was so much fun to watch.





The two guys above were my favourite act.  There were no niceties at the start of their fight, they went straight for each other and did a loop through the audience first.  Then once in the ring they used all manner of things to fight each other with, including a ladder!  The guy with the long hair’s nickname was ‘The Mad Bastard’.



This round (above) was between a very 1920s looking guy in a lovely leopard print leotard and a big fat ‘German’ guy who entered the ring carrying a barrel of beer.  Their fight was a drinking contest.


The last round was with the classic Mexican wrestlers who we were told were ‘the bad guys’.  When the show finished the warehouse was opened up into the bar and we continued drinking beer and cider.  A great alternative to a normal night out.  Head to the Wrestleclash website to find out when their next event is, or to Thousand Pound Bend.

Made In Melbourne @ MSFW

I wouldn’t say I’m the most fashionably dressed person on planet earth, but what I would say is that I love clothes.  I really appreciate a good outfit, either on myself or other people.  I love people watching and one of my favourite blogs is The Sartorialist.  As for shopping, I am never EVER done (and never will be).  So when the ever informed Marlee at String Of Events invited me to the Made In Melbourne runway show I instantly said yes.  It showcases Melburnian designers only, so it’s a great event for local talent.

I’ve never been to a runway show before so I was extremely a tad excited.  It was held on Siddeley Street overlooking the Yarra, a beautiful spot especially in the evening.

We arrived, checked in, got drinks, nabbed good seats and waited for the show to start.


I thought this lady’s outfit was awesome so took a quick snap
I spy…. Lady Petrova again!
There were collections from sixteen designers on show, among my favourites were ELandTINO, Coelho and Danielle Tabet.  El from ELandTINO (who was also at the Pop It event we went to on Monday) met us just before the MIM show and she was just lovely.  I’ll definitely be heading to their website to peruse more designs!










I loved every minute of the show.  The models were beautiful, the clothes were elegant, the atmosphere was happy, the music was awesome and the whole experience was really good fun.  More fashion shows please!



Thanks to Marlee for sharing her pics with me, some are hers and some are mine.  It was hard to get good ones close up.  I could go on to what I liked about the clothes and why, but I won’t.  I just love clothes.  Like, actually love them.  So this evening was a wonderful experience and one that I hope to repeat in the future.

POP IT #MSFW, Melbourne

Today saw the beginning of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (that’s #MSFW to you Twitter), something I have been very excited about for a long time.  Unfortunately I can’t go to as much as I would like because I have to, like, work and eat and sleep, but you know, I’ll fit in what I can.  This evening Marlee (String Of Events) and I went to the grand opening of Pop It at the Kitten Club on Little Collins Street.  It’s a pop up event that’s here all week, showcasing the latest lovely garments from a range of Aussie designers.

The thing I love most about Australian fashion is that it’s fun.  It takes risks and isn’t afraid to say, you know what I would just love?  Some dinosaurs on my knickers, that’s what.

Or even some birds or flamingos on my suspender belt.


Not so sexy now eh?  I would definitely have bought all three of these if I hadn’t cleverly (or stupidly?) moved my money into a different account so that I couldn’t spend it.
In all seriousness, from what I’ve seen of Aussie design, it’s colourful, bright, energetic and as said before a lot of fun.  I feel like a of British designs are more conservative and occasionally preppy – which, don’t get me wrong, I love.  But I also love the Aussie attitude to fashion.  It’s a bit more carefree.

Anyhoo.  The facebook page described this event as jungle themed and they certainly went to town with the decor.  We were greeted by a sign welcoming us to the jungle and goodie bags, live music and a forest of clothing rails.




We got stuck in to browsing and photo taking, and then decided to head to the bar downstairs for a cider.

Sneaky pic of none other than Lady Petrova and her friends dressed up wonderfully as usual



A giraffe was in our midst




At the bar, where we sat next to Lady Petrova (and were too shy to talk to her)

The goodie bag we acquired was awesome too, solely because it came with a fashion photography coffee table book.  I’m going to do a separate post on it after I’ve found time to actually read it.

A great start to the week.  I can’t wait for what else is in the pipeline!

Flinders Lane Shopping Night

I first heard about this event about a year ago on Marlee’s blog, way back when we only knew each other via the interweb.  I remember thinking wow what an awesome event, I’d love to go to something like that.  One year later, here we are.

Of course there were free drinks.  This morning my head felt a little fuzzy after the free wine and cider at Nite Art yesterday, but I soon got a new lease of life with this cider!  We started the evening at Lenko, moving slowly on to Lady Petrova, Design A Space and many more.

I adored this T Rex sweater, but sadly it’s a bad colour for me

This late night shopping event is basically centered around Flinders Lane, Degraves Street, Manchester Lane and other nearby areas.  The the shops stay open late (til 9pm), some of them have free drinks and/or nibbles and usually offer discounts on their stock and/or a freebie with any purchase.  It’s a fun way to boost sales and interest.  I enjoyed it because everyone was in an excited mood and nowhere was too busy either.  I bought from two of my most favourite stores in Melbourne – Design A Space and Princess Highway, both purchases were technically bargains too.  Double win!

Still really want this tshirt.  So adorable.
The one big disappointment for me was that Zomp closed at eight o’clock.  Then again, I love the shoes so much in there that maybe it’s a blessing in disguise (for my bank balance).

Anything with cats on will instantly win me over
LOVE these shoes
But I loved this Design A Space sweater more, and purchase it I did!  (It was on sale mum, I practically saved money?!).  It’s deliciously soft and the front section is a velvety (technical term) material.  I absolutely love it.  It was discounted by 20%, and I got a free laptop case with purchase.  Because I definitely need one of those …
I just loved this dress the mannequin was wearing.  Good of her to make an effort.
Getting lost in the wonderful world of the Quick Brown Fox
Kinki Gerlinki do GOOD sunnies
The Flinders Lane Shopping Night is a great event, although I do think it would be useful if there were flyers available or even a phone app to tell people better info about what is open and when.  It’s well worth going to though, you will definitely find something unusual and good quality at a reasonable price.

Nite Art, Melbourne

This evening Marlee and I went on yet another blogging excursion.  Nite Art was a free event in which various venues and galleries in the CBD exhibited the work of local artists during one evening.  The art varied widely from modern art, to photography to short films.

We started the evening off with dinner at Yoyogi on Swanston Street, one of many great Asian eateries.    I went for the teriyaki bento box and a green tea milkshake (which was surprisingly good until I started getting full).

Delicious, just delicious

After this we started seeking out the galleries.  I thought the range of art on show was really good, one minute you’d be viewing student art, the next minute art worth thousands and thousands of dollars (apparently).  There was free wine and Rekorderlig cider available at most of the venues, always a bonus!







This is my favourite from the whole evening



This wasn’t part of Nite Art, I just spotted it and thought it was cute
Marlee braving the rickety steps

It was a lovely evening.  To be honest, it’s much closer to what I expected White Night would be like (read my previous post here).  I love Melbourne for its events, there is always something new and unusual happening.  Speaking of which, tomorrow night I’m off the Flinders Lane Shopping Night so expect another blog post this time tomorrow!