We Are Tea

I first heard about We Are Tea through Daisy’s blog. They’re a London based company who seem to have a good ethos and good branding – two of my favourite things.

A PR kindly sent me some of their English Breakfast blend along with an infuser. I decided to brew up for me and my house mate one evening last week. We’d both arrived home late and were exhausted, so I put the kettle on while A put the telly on.

I’m a bit of a tea addict, if I ever somehow skip my morning cuppa I’m left with a caffeine deprived headache very quickly. It’s not good but I guess there’s worse things to be addicted to. The We Are Tea English Breakfast blend is very strong – even with milk. This is just how I like my tea, I’ve been making the effort to brew this some mornings too, usually when I’m going for an early run as I have more time then.

WeAreTea IMG_3644 IMG_3649 IMG_3650 IMG_3651

I think the infuser is so well designed! I was worried it would leak when I added the hot water, but it didn’t. A great little enabling me to have better quality tea. Find out more about We Are Tea on Twitter here.

A New Chapter



It’s bank holiday Monday and I’m sat on the sofa in my new home in Chorlton, sipping lemsip and feeling a mix of nerves and excitement for my first day in a new job tomorrow. I moved in on Saturday, which coincided with my horrid cold reaching its peak. I was sneezing and coughing all day!

But, I am finally here! My housemate is away with work at the moment, which has worked out quite well – I should be rid of my cold by the time she’s back, so we can go out and explore Chorlton and get to know each other a bit.

Luckily I have relatives who live in Greater Manchester, so I went over there yesterday for a Sunday roast which was lovely. I’ve always been very lucky to have relatives not far from wherever I am, even out in Australia and New Zealand – benefits of a big family!

What I’m looking forward to most this week is a networking event I’ll be attending through work, which will focus on digital strategies and is hosted by a leading mobile-first agency (insert heart-eyed emoji here).

Jamie’s Italian, Leeds

On Tuesday I caught up with Sophie from Onetenzeroseven and Daisy from Llama Social at Jamie’s Italian in Leeds.


After the Blognix Retreat we decided to set a date to meet up again soon, because we found the ‘business mastermind’ session on the last day so useful. Essentially, you talk about your goals, and together you suggest ways of achieving them.


Vlogger in action #1
Vlogger in action #2

Jamie’s very kindly covered the meal for us. We picked from the Super Lunch menu, on which you can order two courses for just £10.95. To start I had the pate bruschetta, for main the tagliatelle and to drink a deliciously crisp prosecco. It was all very delicious!

I always love the decor at Jamie’s Italian restaurants – there’s a lot of attention to detail and everything looks good quality.






It always feels so good to be around people who motivate you
The scrumptious pate


I loved this meal and I also loved the bowl it came in


After we’d had lunch we wandered into Leeds and found our way to Pintura, where we stayed for a drink and got our notebooks out for some serious masterminding.

The gorgeous chandelier hanging in the entrance at Jamie’s
Portobello gin with a dash of grapefruit juice at Pintura

If you own a business, work on a freelance basis or even if you just have a hobby you want to develop, I highly recommend setting up a mastermind group. At the Blognix Retreat I was a bit skeptical at first as to how useful this would actually be, but by the time we’d finished I was questioning why I’d never tried it before.

We made ourselves accountable afterwards by writing our goals down on a shared Google doc too!

A great day that gave me the boost of motivation I needed to crack on with my next set of goals.

Fields, Manchester & Frost

Last weekend my friend Dave drove up from Northampton to see me and my folks.  I last saw him a week before I flew over to Melbourne, so a catch up weekend was due.  As well as eating and drinking ourselves into slight comas, we wanted to pack in a few other activities as well, including a run, a visit to Manchester and a walk through England’s green and pleasant land.

I have missed running through the English countryside so much.  It was great to have a beach to run alongside in Australia, but the concrete gave me shin splints and the high runner-traffic was a little irritating.  Lots of grass and no one in sight is much more up my street.

On Saturday we were up with the birds to get over to Manchester.  Our local butcher’s still have some left over pork pies made especially for the run up to Christmas, it was only fair that we took some off their hands.  Quite literally the best pork pie I’ve had in years.  Cranberries on top, turkey and stuffing in the middle, pastry absolutely perfect.  Dave was beside himself.  (Yes, we had pork pie for breakfast, what of it?).


Once off the train we got stuck into the markets.  I love Christmas, I’m hoping against hope that we actually get some snow before the New Year.  Manchester is a very architecturally impressive city, and I love the abundance of very old, traditional pubs everywhere.

More mulled wine please


Plum flavoured ale that unfortunately tasted nothing like plums
Coffee at Blue Daisy

Saturday evening was spent with my folks having dinner at Relish in Doncaster.  A day of steady drinking following by a night of steady drinking meant I woke up with quite the hangover.  Undeterred Dave and I had another early start and took ourselves off to Clumber Park.  This is a great place for families, dog owners or people like me who have a hangover to walk off.







Five miles and a Sunday roast later Dave was heading back down south.  A great wintery weekend that has well and truly got me in the festive mood.

People I Met And Liked In Australia

There is one single thing (or multiple, rather) that has made my stay in Melbourne worthwhile: people.  People I’ve met briefly, people I’ve become close friends with, even people I didn’t like.  They’ve all chipped in to make my third trip away the best one yet.

In an ode to the many, many laughs I’ve had across Melbourne, here are a few photographic memories of people I met and liked in Australia.

























































Goodbye Melbourne, it’s been a delight!