Jumbo Records

Like most most members of the general public, I love music.  However, I rarely buy it.  I feel uninspired by most of the chain music shops out there and choose not to download music for free.  So while my music taste is vast, my collection is quite small.
This weekend I went to Leeds with a couple of friends for a catch up.  We visited a little shop in St Johns shopping centre called Jumbo Records.  A wide range of choice and endlessly helpful staff mean that you are most likely to leave with an album you have never heard of before but will absolutely love.
The staff will ask about your music taste, and a few minutes later will appear with a pile of CDs they think you will like.  You are then invited to listen to the CDs and can take as long as you want.
This place is everything the music buying experience should be.  Their passion for music always rubs off on me and I never leave empty handed.
Rachel consulting one of the staff
Modelling the headphones beautifully there ladies
Jumbo Records
5-6 St Johns Centre
Tel: 0113 245 5570

Sophia Wallace

I recently discovered artist Sophia Wallace when someone shared photos of her Cliteracy 100 Natural Laws exhibition on Facebook.  I won’t be able to visit the exhibition with it being overseas but I certainly think it’s inspiring, interesting and well worth sharing – hence this blog post.


All images are taken from her Facebook page – here.
The quotes I find most interesting are ‘Imagine if boys were taught only about their testicles without reference to the penis’, ‘Teen pregnancy adds insult to injury, are girls having pleasurable sex at 14? Doubt it’ and finally ‘A man would never be expected to get off through sex acts that ignored his primary sexual organ’.

I love works of art that shock you into thinking about things and encourage you to question your own opinions and perceptions, Sophia Wallace achieves that wonderfully here.

Here is another extract from the series I found via Pinterest:


I will definitely be keeping up with her work in the future.

Peak District

A recent trip to the other side of Sheffield reminded me how beautiful the UK really is.  I will definitely miss sights like these in Australia.

Rachel contemplating life.  Or trying to locate an ice cream van.



The Big Day

Last Saturday I was lucky enough to be a part of Emily and Joe’s beautiful wedding day.  The weekend was filled with friends, laughter and love and could not have been more perfect.  I’m so happy for the newlyweds!

Myself and Charlotte

The location

The car

The happy couple

Beautiful Emily

L-R: Hannah, Charlotte, Emily, Me, Kayleigh (who made her own dress!)
The girls

The food!

Lovely day with lovely people, I will remember it forever.

*Some pics are my own and some are courtesy of Charlotte and Kayleigh.

Here is the song she chose to walk up the isle to (she picked an acoustic version)

Coffee table books: Part One – A Gun For Hire

This fine specimen is a collection of the work by Helmut Newton.  The title of the book refers to Newton’s decription of himself:

“Some people’s photography is an art.
Mine is not.  If they happen to be exhibited in
a gallery or a museum, that’s fine.
But that’s not why I do them.  I’m a gun for hire.”
Helmut Newton, Newsweek, February 2, 2004.
The book catalogues his work and who it was for from the 1980s through to the year 2000.  Here are some pictures from the book:
I was given this as a birthday present a few years ago for no other reason than I just really love the pictures!  I find his work very artistic, very feminine (I think the fact that about 99% of his pictures are of women plays a part), very fashionable and stylish, and also very sexy.  All his pictures are so different as well.  As seen above, the two women in the beautiful sparkly gowns were photographed for Chanel.  The top left picture reminds me of Quentin Tarantino films, I can’t explain why!  The top right picture has a science fiction feel to it – she could be Spock’s sister perhaps?
There are some famous faces making an appearance here and there too:


Liz Hurley and Kate Moss modelling Yves Saint Laurent!
Coffee table books are excellent accessories and fun to collect.  Unfortunately, as of yet I do not own a coffee table, but at least I’m prepared!