2020: The Year I Bit Off More Than I Could Chew

‘You are being so strong’ ‘You’ve got more resilience than anyone I know.’ ‘It’s huge what you’ve achieved.’ These are some of the things my supportive friends have said to me recently. At the start of this year I left a relationship that I’d been in for almost three years, and then bought and moved … Read more2020: The Year I Bit Off More Than I Could Chew

Awareness Level Up

yorkshire dales in the snow

Recently I have been lightly nudging people towards my Kindle ebook ‘Run Away Moments’, simply because it’s a way to generate a tiny bit of passive income and I often get good feedback from people who have read it. It is a collection of 16 non-fiction short stories of my time backpacking and living overseas. … Read moreAwareness Level Up


Months of organising, years of saving, a lifetime of visualising. I’m a homeowner now. I keep getting hit by waves of discomfort, triggered by the unfamiliarity of having total autonomy in my own home. For my whole life I’ve always lived within someone else’s space, whether it’s a rented room or a joint tenancy. My … Read moreStill